A Guide to Admission for Japanese Language Course, Kumamoto Technical College

Thank you very much for your interest in Kumamoto Technical College. Our college is situated in a suburb of Kumamoto city, which is quiet and suitable for our study. Kumamoto is not a very big city, but it is one of the most comfortable cities to live in Japan and its people are kind and open to foreigners. You can be assured that under such circumstances you will make smooth and good progress in your study of the Japanese language. We hope that you will make pleasant memories at our college. And we are heartily waiting for your application.

Overview of our college

Our college belongs to the incorporated school of Kaishin Gakuen which has more than 100 years of history and includes our Kaishin High School. As the biggest college in Kumamoto Prefecture, our college has 4 courses.
They are Automobile Maintenance, Electric, Mechatronics and Japanese Course. There are about 300 students in our college which including about 70 foreign students from China, Korea, Viet Nam and Nepal who are studying in the Japanese Course.

Advantages of our college

  1. The foreign students in our college could apply for “Certificate of Eligibility for a Status of Residence” for 2 years which is more than the Japanese school grants1 year.
  2. The same as University students, the foreign students in our college are the eligible for the assistance provided by MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and technology) and the International education society of Japan. (for example: scholarship, medical insurance and so on. )
  3. The dormitories of our college provide student with air conditioner, toilet, bathroom, and refrigerator, and the rent is less than an apartment’.
  4. Unlike other Japanese schools, the foreign students can spend time with our Japanese students of other courses in our college, which is helpful to exercise speaking Japanese.
  5. After studying 2 years in our Japanese Course, if you passed all of the tests, you could get a Graduation Certificate of Kumamoto Technical College. If you want to enter to other courses in our college, you would be accepted first. Of course, you could also apply to university or graduate school of your choice.

Entrance Application

  1. Application Requirements
    • 18 years of age or older
    • Academic background: In principle, fulfill anyone of the following criteria.
      • Possess the necessary academic qualification (more than 12 years) outside Japan.
      • Possess the necessary academic qualification for entering a university.
      • Eligibility requirement for admission to Kumamoto Technical College.
    • The level of the Japanese language: You must have studied Japanese more than 160 hours or you must have acquired Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) N5 or you must have acquired J-TEST F Level.
    • The Requirements of financial solvency: The financial supporter must have the bank balance of 2 million yen or above, or200,000 Renmin Yuan or above to support the applicant’s tuition fee and livelihood expense
  2. Application Methods
    • You can pick up an application yourself or have a friend or family member in Japan pick one up for you.
    • Address: 〒861-8038 日本国熊本市長嶺東5-1-1 熊本工業専門学校
    • Tel: +81-96-380-8645Fax: +81-96-380-8646
    • Homepage: www.kumakosen.jp e-mail:info@kumakosen.jp
    • Application Periods
      April admission:By the November 30 of the previous year.
    • Selection Methods
      Selection is mainly made based on the documents submitted by the applicant, and through a written examination and an interview in Japanese.
    • Notification of Certificate of Eligibility for a Status of Residence`s Results
      April admission: In the latter part of February of the current year

Below is the bank account of our college
(Please write the name of applicant, when you remit yen from your country)

  • BENEFICIARY`S ADDRESS: 5-1-1 Nagamine-higashi, Higashi-ku, Kumamoto, 861-8038, JAPAN (〒861-8038 日本国 熊本市 東区 長嶺東 5-1-1)
  • ACCOUNT NO. : 1432455

**P.S: Please write as written above when you remit *

About Certification of Japanese language study

Certification of 160 hours of Japanese language study must be written by your Japanese School, andinclude:.

  • Japanese textbook
  • the period of studying Japanese
  • number of study hours (include the plan hours)
  • number of times Japanese eas studied per week
  • test records
  • the slot of the Japanese course
  • the name of the Japanese teacher.
  • the total hours studied when applying.

Things to remember when applying

  • How to fill in the application form

    Omission is not acceptable when filling in any documents. Please write “not applicable” if necessary. Write the year using the Western Calendar.

  • How to correct a mistake

    Do not use white-out for corrections. Cross out mistake by drawing a double line over them, and then stamp the applicant`s personal seal over the mistake, or sign your name beside the mistake if you do not have a personal seal. Write correct description in the blank above the mistake.

  • Translations

    All the documents written in a language other than Japanese must be submitted along with separate sheets of Japanese translation.

  • Application materials will not be returned with the exception of original documents which can not to be re-issued such as Graduation Certificate/Diploma.
  • Failure to submit complete and accurate information may result in denial of admission to our college even after acceptance is granted.
  • The Certifications should be submitted within six months.
  • Depending on nationality documentation may differ. Please contact us for more information about the documents you need.